Who We Are

ROVE Adventure Trailer Team

We are a team guided by our pursuit of adventure and creating outdoor experiences worth sharing.

Let’s face it, we love doing things outside and our kids are nuts, so we needed an outlet we could all enjoy and something to fulfill our ever lasting desire of exploration, discovery, and curiosity.

When we view a map, we're suddenly in wonder of all that lies within and between the lines on the paper. What are the stories hidden in these little towns? Where are the best pancakes, tacos, and burgers served in this section of the world? How many waterfalls lie within this mountain stream?

You might even say we’re modern day treasure hunters. The best part is, we want to share all our findings with you! We aim to make your next trip with Rove Rentals an unforgettable experience.



To inspire and create. 

It is our goal to inspire those around us to engage in the outdoors, pursue adventure, and create life long memories with friends, family, and loved ones.

We want our renters to worry less & relax more. We want your ROVE rentals trip to be the one you look forward to and the one you remember the most.



ROVE Team - Johnny Pratt

Johnny Pratt

Creative Vision & Navigator

ROVE Team - Brian Wriston

Brian Wriston

Master of First Impressions

ROVE Team - Marissa Pratt

Marissa Pratt

Director of Creative Operations

ROVE Team - Chelsea Wriston

Chelsea Wriston

Visual Brand Storyteller & Photographer